Clear your agenda: ClusterPuck99 is here!

It’s finally time for ultimate madness: ClusterPuck99 is available on AirConsole!

We are very proud to introduce this fantastic sports game from PHLCollective to AirConsole. For probably the first time a Xbox One game is ported to be played in the browser. This 8 player local multiplayer madness game is a frantic mix between soccer, ice-hockey and pinball. The objective is simple: Get the puck into the other team’s goal.

This mind-blowingly fun sports game will get your adrenaline pumping and has a good chance of leaving you wiping up tears from laughter. CP99 consist of 10 different levels of varying complexity. Start off with the relatively simple levels in the “competitive” category to warm up. Then move on to the classic levels where it gets insane pretty damn quick. Watch out for the obstacles that will make you bounce around uncontrollably, avoid exploding in strategically placed spikes or falling off the edge. All of this while still trying to get close enough to your opponent’s goal to get your puck in there.

The beauty of this team-based game is that you can play up to 8 players at once. But pick your team wisely: During the game you need to communicate, pass the puck and mentally support each other. Maybe someone should stay behind and secure the goal? Or do you fare better if the whole team charges the ball head-on?

If you’re low on friends at the moment or just have no one to play with, fear not: you can add AI players to every match and play alone against the computer, if you want.  

The game was developed by our friends from PHLCollective in Philadelphia. Their team consists of a dedicated team of designers and programmers that want to deliver the most creative and compelling games on the market. ClusterPuck99 was first introduced on Xbox One in September 2015 and is now available on AirConsole - completely for free, of course! All you need to play is a browser and your smartphone.

Are you tempted already? Invite your friends over for a beer and head straight to!!

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