Browser Games

The Many Benefits of Browser Games

Do you love online gaming, but are tired of visiting sites where you’re required to download software to your computer’s hard drive just to play? It’s a real hassle, and no one likes doing it—particularly when you’ve already got other things on your computer that are necessary for school or work. It’s frustrating to use your computer’s resources, especially when you want to play your games away from home and don’t want to bring your computer with you!

For example, what if you get the urge to play a game while you’re at a friend’s house, and all they have is their laptop, and all your games are downloaded on your PC? That would be a big problem unless you’re using AirConsole. This is where browser games come into play—literally. You can enjoy them right on your computer without having to download anything—just play!

Play Browser Games Instantly

For those who love using online platforms, this is the place for you. AirConsole not only transforms your browser into your video game console, but it also turns your smartphone into a gamepad. This means that if you have a Smart TV, you can turn these games on and enjoy them with your friends and family. These kinds of get-togethers will take on a new twist because no one will have to worry about the batteries running out on a game controller ever again. As long as their smartphone has a full charge or access to a charger and an outlet, there are hours of gaming in your future.

No matter which internet browser you’re using, you can load up AirConsole and play for free instantly. Get your friends together for a get-together or have a family game night—it’s fast and easy! They will have a blast choosing from the multitude of different games available when you invite them over for a night of fun-filled gaming. The best part is, once you pick a game for the evening’s entertainment, it is available instantly. You won’t have to wait for a slow download before you can begin a marathon of gameplay with your friends and family. Just sit back and enjoy all the fun that awaits you!

No Need to Buy Anything

Because you’re playing browser games, there’s no need to buy game controllers or a video game console. Everything you need are things you already have and are right at your fingertips—just your computer and smartphone. The only thing you have to do is load up the website for Chrome games or Firefox games and then turn on your smartphone. Make sure each player has a smartphone, though, because they’ll be using them as game controllers.

One of the best parts about using browser games is the flexibility they offer. Not only will you be able to save money by playing free games online, but you can play these games from anywhere at any time. The fact that they’re free makes the site that much more appealing to gamers who love checking out more than one game at a time.

New Features Instantly

Who doesn’t love seeing new game releases? Just about every gamer out there likes trying something new and, thanks to AirConsole, new games are available on a weekly basis. So, if you have some time to kill or you’re on the road travelling with internet access, it’s a good time to try out some new browser games. These thrilling game options won’t leave you bored – not even for a moment.

Each game loads up instantly, and there’s a wide variety to choose from that will keep you interested and excited each week. If you get tired of the new games that were just released, fear not, more will load the following week.

Want something new to try with your friends or family? The ability to choose from new browser games weekly allows multiplayers to host gaming nights. This means you can feature different games for guests every single week! As a bonus, the fact that you can change your Android Smart TV into a gaming console allows you to add even more fun to your game night. The new games featured on the Smart TV will enhance the experience for everyone because everyone will be able to see how the games work at the same time, even if they’re not playing them.

Two to Four-Player Games, or MORE!

Just like a video game console, you’ll find two to four-player games available on AirConsole. These features are an exciting benefit for those who would rather not play solo. While solo gaming is fun sometimes, it’s also great to add additional players to liven up games as well. The beauty of the experience with AirConsole Chrome games or Firefox games is you don’t have to do anything more than add another smartphone if you’d like to add another player. Each time you want to add another player, it’s as simple as adding another smartphone.

Want even more game players during your night of entertainment? There are some game titles that will offer up to thirty players! Other browser games have eight players, and some also have sixteen. You’ll have to search around to see which titles have how many players and adjust your game playing plans accordingly. There’s no shortage of options available for those who prefer playing alone or those who would love to share their gaming experiences with a large crowd.

The large crowd experience is perfect for those who love to play browser games at conventions or other hosted events where a gaming room is available. All you have to do is hook up the Smart TV, and you’re ready to go! Those who have smartphones can play along with whatever game you’ve loaded up on AirConsole, and the large crowd experience will take on a life of its own. This kind of experience is also perfect for birthday parties, too.

Browser Games for Boys, Girls, Young, and Old

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, or how old you are. You’re going to love the variety of games available on AirConsole. Because there are so many different games to choose from, there’s literally something for everyone on AirConsole. The beauty of this gaming site is that its features constantly update. So even if you’ve searched and haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, new games will load and provide you with another opportunity for finding games again. However, the chances of not finding a game you enjoy is very unlikely considering the large selection.

The browser games available include arcade games, action games, social quiz games, competitive racing games, and much more. With so many games to choose from, it’s impossible to get bored with your friends while switching from game to game on AirConsole. The large selection also prevents solo players from becoming discouraged from having to choose from the same monotonous browser games over and over again—this won’t happen because of the variety. Once you begin searching through the site, you’ll soon realize there isn’t enough time to play all the games you find.

Instant Gratification

Let’s face it – we are living in an instant gratification world. We want to log on to our computers and see where we’ve left off with something. We want to see our scores, who we’ve beat, and if we’ve achieved top ranking. We also don’t want to put up with hassles like updating software, going through computer upgrades, or maintaining software. It’s tough enough to bring ourselves to update the existing software on our computer when it’s time because it takes so long and bogs down our computers when we’d rather be doing something else—like gaming.

The instant gratification browser games provided allow us to not only play the games we love but also do it in a way that’s hassle-free. We can have the instant gratification we crave and eliminate the hassles we dislike. Because there isn’t a need for downloading any software to the hard drive, there isn’t any worry about having to perform any additional tasks to our computer above and beyond our regular maintenance schedules—which we really should be doing, by the way.

About AirConsole

AirConsole is the leading multiplayer gaming site that transforms your web browser into a video game console and your smartphone into its controller. The site allows you to play browser games either on your computer or a Smart TV either as a solo player or with many other players. There's no fee to play the games on AirConsole, and you can begin immediately.

As an added benefit, many companies have also used the games on AirConsole during team building events at seminars and other related workshops. These games have worked perfectly as icebreaker games, as well as for when the team needed a way to wind down following a busy day of team building exercises. Use the gaming on AirConsole also in the employee’s hotel rooms as a way of helping them get to know each other if they are sharing rooms for the first time and have never met before—they can bond over a multiplayer game. This is particularly helpful when employees are shy and haven’t broken out of their shells yet.

All of the best games are provided through AirConsole's website and load up instantly through your browser, whether you are playing Chrome games or Firefox games, or several other browsers you may be using. These browser games are excellent for when you're visiting friends at their home, hosting a child's birthday party, or throwing a bachelorette party. It doesn't matter the kind of event you're hosting. AirConsole will have the perfect gaming options for you.

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