A Big THANK YOU from the AirConsole Team

An update on pressing matters including Cards and Humanity, screen sharing and more

Dear Players

With millions of people around the world stuck at home for their own and others’ safety, entertainment media has become a lot more important for many of us. 
Here at AirConsole, we have been breaking all of our records: more people are using the platform than ever before. More people than ever are buying AirConsole Hero subscriptions, and almost all of our games are seeing record-high playtimes. 
We are thrilled that our work can do some good in this situation, helping players keep themselves and their families and roommates entertained at home. 

And while we’re happy that the technical side of AirConsole has been keeping up with the additional traffic very well, we realize that our customer support is lagging behind at the moment, due to the unprecedented increase in volume. 

We are working hard on a long-term solution to make sure everyone of our players gets the response and help they deserve. In the meantime, we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience, and to address some of the most pressing issues and questions that many of you have:

What happened to Cards and Humanity?

Our version of the popular inappropriate card game had to be removed from the store for now, due to legal issues. We are working on finding a solution with the Cards Against Humanity team so we can bring the game back online as soon as possible. We will update players via social media as soon as we know more. 

Free AirConsole Hero during Covid19 Lockdowns

We distributed a code to use AirConsole Hero for free for two weeks that was valid until the end of March. If you missed this promotion – or the two weeks have already passed since you redeemed it – stay tuned for further opportunities. 

AirConsole Screensharing BETA functionality

Recently, we launched a Beta version of airconsole.com/join – a way to play with others online, sharing your screen and webcam, now that many have to put their couch gaming parties on hold. Not quite everything works as intended yet, but we wanted to get this out as soon as possible for those of you dependant on online play in these times. 

We encourage players to use https://www.airconsole.com/help to find answers to commonly asked questions and to report issues with Screensharing that we may not be aware of. 

Subscription issue on iOS

We have received multiple reports that iPhone users have bought a subscription, but have trouble actually getting the platform to recognize their AirConsole Hero status. Solving this issue is our highest priority. Expect an update to your AirConsole App soon!   

We are more than thrilled that AirConsole is bringing joy to so many people at the moment, and we are working hard to improve your playing experience. 

Thank you and stay tuned! 

The AirConsole Team

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