4 Player Games

Four player games can be found in abundance on AirConsole!

The days of having to sit in front of a console and television to enjoy video games are long gone. Times are definitely changing, allowing us to enjoy games anywhere we want. You don’t even have to stick to one and two player games either. AirConsole now offers four player games that are accessible anywhere that you have an internet connection. This creates endless opportunities for you and your friends.

Player vs. Player

Playing games with others has always been more exciting than playing against a computer. When you add your friends to the mix, any video game suddenly becomes much more challenging and interactive. There’s nothing like people battling it out on the screen. It’s easy to learn the counters of a CPU enemy, but this isn’t so easy when you’re playing with others. When there are 4 players involved, the challenge becomes even greater.

Team vs. Team

There are some video games that allow you to group up into teams and fight against one another as well. For instance, in a 4 player game, you can have two teams of two. You and your partner fight against the other two rivals – whichever team comes out on top, wins!

Team vs. Computer

PvP modes are only one form of four player gaming. You can also team up together to fight against computer enemies, making the battle scenes more riveting. Going against certain bosses can be very difficult, so when you have three buddies on your team, you can get through the stages faster. Can you work together to defeat your common enemy?

Multiplayer Games

If you’re a casual social gamer, then the multiplayer games available on AirConsole are sure to be a hit. The issue here is that most people rely on consoles for all of their gaming. With AirConsole, you can gain access to games wherever you have an internet browser, smartphone, and screen. This means you and your friends can enjoy gaming at home, at the office, or anywhere else you have Wi-Fi hot spots. No console or external hardware needed!

Enjoy Four Player Games with Family and Friends

Having a great time with your friends and family is priceless, especially when you can create fun for free. At AirConsole.com, you can play 4 player games completely for free. This is ideal for all sorts of groups, including co-workers, best friends, and even couples. What’s great about some multiplayer games is that they require you to work as a team. You can learn how to cooperate with one another to overcome challenges. However, if you’re trying to spruce up an evening with some friendly competition, AirConsole has great competitive games as well!

Hosting parties and events in your home can be absolutely unforgettable when you have great 4 player games to play. AirConsole allows everyone to play using a desktop computer, a laptop, or a smart TV. Your smartphone is your controller, which means everyone can jump in. You never have to purchase any additional gaming controllers or download any software! Even couples are joining in, playing all different sorts of games together. If you have a double date, you can bring out your laptops and smartphones and enjoy a variety of four player games. You can even turn the games into 4 person drinking games.

Multiplayer games are entertaining for just about everyone, young and old. The assortment of games that are available makes it more likely that you can find something that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s racing, card games, or quizzes, AirConsole’s got you covered. It also helps guarantee a night no one will ever forget. If ever you need to liven up the mood at your next party or event, just think of AirConsole’s online multiplayer games.

4 Player Games on AirConsole

So what type of games can you play on AirConsole? There are a variety of four player games to choose from, and these can easily double as four person drinking games with a little creativity:

AirConsole offers you the most convenient option for playing games for 4 players. Here, your browser is your console, and your smartphone is your controller – this means you can enjoy playing 4 player games wherever you have an internet connection. The best part is it’s absolutely free. You can’t beat that! Get started playing four player games now.

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