1 year with AirConsole!

Happy Birthday to us!

One year ago this weekend AirConsole went live! With six games in the store and loads of motivation, the AirConsole team went out on a quest to become the number one place for local multiplayer gaming. An oh, what a ride it’s been so far!

Shortly after the platform’s launch, we created a contest for game developers to create games for AirConsole. Until Christmas 2015, that brought us more than 15 new games from developers all around the world, including the audience favorite and contest winner Tower of Babel. At the same time, our own game developers released the popular Silly Run Valley, which would later become part of the game collection Silly World Series, that went live in March 2016.

Throughout Winter and Spring 2016, we kept getting new games here and there, including the amazing Castle Hustle, which is an all-time favorite of the AirConsole team.

In June 2016, we launched an open Call for Projects, where we drafted rough game concepts and searched for studios who would refine and realize them.

The first of these Call for Projects games, ClusterPuck99, was launched just over a month later. The second project called ‘The Neighborhood’ by the developers of Tower of Babel will follow very soon, with the other big projects coming this Fall/Winter.

With 40 (!) games currently available, we have just launched a brand new developer contest, which will be open until February 2017 in order to give game developers plenty of time to create the coolest things they can imagine.

While adding new games to the AirConsole library is one of our main interests, it’s certainly not the only thing we’ve been working on. We constantly strive to make the entire platform more intuitive and more entertaining for our users. Most recently, that meant adding the possibility to store high scores and share them with friends.

Our team remains super excited to bring you all the best party gaming activity possible.

And whether you’ve been following us since the beginning or only recently found out about AirConsole, we want you to be part of this quest! By sending us your feedback, by telling your friends about AirConsole, by sharing our videos, by inviting people over for a game night, you are helping us grow and improve and get closer to our goal of becoming the number one platform for local multiplayer gaming.

Thank you for being here with us!

Friday the 2nd of September we live streamed the birthday party here at the AirConsole office in Zürich - head over to our Facebook page and see the after-video there!

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