Welcome to AirConsole, the leading local multiplayer games site

AirConsole is an online video game console that brings back local multiplayer in the most intuitive way for a modern environment. The users play together in the browser on one shared screen and use their smartphones as gamepads.

Requiring no hardware that players don't already own, AirConsole is the perfect entertainment system to play games anywhere, with anyone, at any time. Anyone can join by using their smartphone as a their gamepad.

Try AirConsole for free or get the best possible gaming experience with our premium subscription AirConsole Hero. You can get started right away without downloading or installing anything. With AirConsole's cutting edge technology, you turn your smartphone browser into a game controller by simply entering a session code that is displayed on your big screen.

  1. Open www.airconsole.com in your browser, open the AirConsole chrome app or AirConsole on your Android Tv.
  2. Then open www.airconsole.com on your phone browser or download the app.
  3. Push the START button on the big screen.
  4. Enter the session code that appears on your smartphone.
  5. Navigate through the library using your new gamepad
  6. Have fun!

AirConsole also offers app on iOS and Android phones. We recommend downloading these apps in order to get the best full-screen experience, better connectivity and the option to create an AirConsole profile where you can choose your nickname and profile picture. Furthermore, the AirConsole app also enables you to subscribe to AirConsole Hero, our premium subscription.

In addition, AirConsole offers a Chrome App for easier access and many of our biggest games are even available on Android TV.

Additional players can easily join the same session, needing nothing except a smartphone and an internet connection, making AirConsole ideal for spontaneous play sessions at parties and all sorts of social gatherings. You do not have to be connected to the same WiFi to be able to play together.

You (probably) already have everything you need to play AirConsole: A computer or Android TV as the central screen and one smartphone per player. On desktops, AirConsole is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. AirConsole is easy and intuitive to use for casual gamers and enthusiasts alike.

AirConsole offers a wide range of games. From insanely fun party games like Cards and Humanity to cooperative games like our roguelite turn based game IRIS. AirConsole has a game library for all tastes. Checkout our list of games for a full overview of the library.

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