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What is AirConsole?

AirConsole is a cloud-based video game console. Every player uses their smartphone as controller, allowing for instant group entertainment without additional hardware.

AirConsole offers a catalogue of over 170 games, designed to fit our unique multi-screen setup.

Our games are optimized to run locally, on the Set Top Box itself, bypassing the need for hyper fast internet connections that are required for game streaming.

A turnkey gaming solution with 170 games
No streaming. No additional hardware. Instant entertainment.

Social experience

Playing Party Games on AirConsole is an inherently social experience: Families, friend groups or couples can find gameplay fun on their TV. AirConsole can turn the TV device into a true center of the living room again.

Increase time spent on TV

Providing a casual gaming solution increases the overall time clients spend with their TV box. An average AirConsole play session is 33 minutes long. Our store contains a diverse line-up of games in a variety of genres, to provide enjoyment for every taste and group size.

Attract new customers

Due to AirConsole’s social nature, your users are likely to show your device and its benefits to guests and friends, giving the product a unique potential for virality. Casual social gaming is not a standard functionality for a Set Top Box and can provide a brand new context for device usage.

AirConsole is available on Huawei App Gallery

AirConsole is integrated with Harmony OS and can be played on Huawei smartphones, and soon Huawei TV as well.

Featured on Amazon Fire TV stick

Amazon offers AirConsole on all their Fire TV sticks worldwide.

AirConsole on TCL Game Center

AirConsole is available on all of TCL's Android TVs worldwide.

Partnership with Swiss Leading Operator

On over 2 Million Swisscom TV Set-Top Boxes, AirConsole games are preinstalled and instantly available for their users.

AirConsole on the new VCS

AirConsole will come pre-installed on all Atari VCSs. Each Atari VCS owner will be gifted a free month of AirConsole Hero.

Main Gaming partner on XL Home

XL Axiata is providing AirConsole as part of their new home entertainment services. AirConsole is positioned alongside Netflix as the main gaming entertainment partner.

Recommended Gaming partner for Android TV

AirConsole is part of the Android TV ecosystem and can be downloaded over the Playstore. We are pleased to be recommended by Google themselves as a top gaming solution provider on Android TV.

Outstanding user experience & gaming

3SS is partnered with AirConsole to provide a social gaming experience to TV Operators. We are part of the 3SS trusted vendors network.

Recommended gaming app on Xiaomi

AirConsole is a recommended gaming app on all Xiaomi devices, Mi TV and Mi Box to millions of users worldwide.

Partnership with NETTV

NETTV is AirConsole's partner in Nepal, with AirConsole offered to their set-top box users.

Distributed by O2 in Germany

AirConsole is made available to all O2 Germany customers. We offered free AirConsole hero subscriptions to their best users on O2 Priority.

AirConsole on Skyworth

All Skyworth Andoird TV boxes are certified AirConsole ready.

Partnership with True Digital

True Digital is our partner in Thailand, with AirConsole available on their TrueID box.

Partnership with Sky Cable

Sky Cable is our partner in the Philippines, offering AirConsole to all their users, from broadband to TV.

AirConsole takes the automotive industry

Access is AirConsole's first automotive partner to integrate a gaming system in cars.

Partnership with European Leader in Digital Signage

Pronto TV offers AirConsole on their digital signage in select locations worldwide.

AirConsole on WeWatch SuperBox

WeWatch is offering AirConsole on their SuperBox in Singapore, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Partnership with Nuon by Telkom Indonesia

AirConsole is partnered with Nuon by Telkom Indonesia to offer our games catalogue to Indihome gamers.

Distributed by O2 in the UK

O2 provided the AirConsole Hero experience free of charge to all their UK customers for a full month.

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