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New to AirConsole in 2016, Tankball! is a fast paced, soccer-like game with a difference – the teams are made up of tanks!

As one of the most popular games on the AirConsole platform, Tankball! has quickly established itself as the go-to game for quick bursts of fun with friends, and its addictive nature will leave you wanting to play again and again.

How is Tankball! played?

The aim of Tankball! is simple – you want to score more goals than the other team and hold on to as many team players as possible while doing so. It may sound simple, but as you play, you will find this to be a bit of a challenge.

The game starts with each player selecting the correct zone on the screen, confirming their allegiance to a chosen team. You can choose either blue or orange. With the ability to accommodate up to 16 players, it is easy to play with just one friend or get a whole party of people involved. Once you have your teams selected, it’s time to get started!

A sitting duck is an easy target in this game. Working with teammates, each player must try and score goals using the giant yellow bouncing ball on screen. Obviously, the other team is trying to do the same, so some serious battling will ensue! Not only that, every member of each team has the ability to shoot their enemies. This is why players need to ensure they keep moving at all times. Tankball! is timed and has two halves. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins.

What’s even better about this game is that it is played using a smartphone as the gamepad and your computer as the console. No excess accessories required; teams can be thrown together in an instant by using their own phones to connect and get involved. Using your own phone brings a familiarity to the game. Players do not have to waste time at the start of the game to work out exactly what button does what. With only 4 buttons to tackle – left, right, forward, and fire – there really is nothing stopping players stepping straight into it and having fun right away.

So why is Tankball! so popular?

Tankball! was so popular when it was first released that it quickly found itself shortlisted for AirConsole’s well-known 2016 Game Developer’s Contest. With people grabbing their smartphones to play, Tankball! has clearly found its feet. With that said, it is likely that once a group starts playing this game, it will not just be a one game match. A best of three, five, or ten challenges can tell you who is the ultimate champion, so prepare to stay up all night long!

When the only things needed for playing video games are this accessible, it is easy to get started. This makes the experience far more enjoyable. What’s more, you can play the game anywhere you like, so students and teachers, co-workers, and kids of any age range can play. Everyone has got the chance to play and succeed!

There are also no hidden expenses with Tankball!. There are no extras necessary to be involved in the game, no charge for access or registration, and the gamer is not expected to buy more equipment to simply play the game in the first place. The appeal of this is huge for today’s avid gamers as well as those who wish to dip into the game for only a short while.

Every gamer has a favorite classic that they keep returning to. The popularity of this arcade-style game is of little surprise. Tankball! hails back to classic arcade games of previous gaming eras.

Who plays this game then?

The short answer? Anyone. You can trust Tankball! to provide young children with good, clean entertainment all the way into their teenage years. And who doesn’t love riding around in colourful blue and orange tanks?

Adults, you can get together a vintage video game night and invite all your friends over to play Tankball!. This game, as well as AirConsole’s other fun, interactive games, provides plenty of opportunity for people to get together and spend quality time with each other.

What’s the future of Tankball!?

Tankball! has won over audiences with great graphics, an easy gamepad to handle, and the ability for anyone to get involved quickly. Clearly, gamers appreciate the nostalgia and simplicity that Tankball! brings, and the group aspect makes it a go-to for any occasion. The versatility of Tankball! is infectious, and it will grow even further in popularity in the future.

So get online and get started playing with some of your favorite people. Sometimes you really do just need an arcade style game to remind you that simpler is sometimes far better. Score goals, shoot your friends, and play Tankball!!


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  • Connect smartphones Open www.airconsole.com on your smartphone and enter the code. You can connect as many smartphones as you want.
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