Final Drift

Final Drift on AirConsole

1 - 4
Published by Xplored in category Sport Games

Ready. Set. GO! 

Rumbling engines, skidmarks on burnt asphalt, high-speed racing, this all shapes the essence of Final Drift.

Final Drift is a fast-paced arcade racing 3D game for 1-4 players that features a complete physical driving experience.

There are 6 tracks to master that can be played in one-shot races or in collections of races called championships.

The game is accessible to everyone and suits a large range of players, from your mother to the expert go-kart fanatic.
This is made possible thanks to its 3 Vehicle Classes that offer different skill ceilings and to multiple Controls Configurations which help you drive using the most suitable controls.


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  • Press the start button to play This will start the game in your browser. An access code for your smartphone will be displayed on the screen.
  • Connect smartphones Open on your smartphone and enter the code. You can connect as many smartphones as you want.
  • About AirConsole AirConsole is an online video game console.
    Your smartphone are the gamepads.
    Your browser is the console.
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