Hivemind Invasion

Hivemind Invasion on AirConsole

1 - 4
Published by ArcticPhoenix in category Cooperative Games

Welcome to the fight against the Hive!

Jump into a danger packed game in which you will need to fight endless waves of invaders. In games of 1-4 players you will need to survive through dangerous space events and countless enemy ships whose only goal is to destroy you.

As you progress through the waves, you will find your enemies to become stronger and more numerous. You will fight bosses increasingly powerful equipped with a wide arsenal of weapons meant to destroy you.

Through the mayhem you will need to watch out for the asteroids heading your way. You will also encounter a variety of brutal and unpredictable events such as solar flares and black holes, wreaking havoc and leaving only destruction in their wake, disrupting your projectile's trajectory and damaging you if you dare getting too close.

In your endeavors you will find solace in finding items to assist you. Strong electromagnetic shields to protect you from damage. Powerful missiles with a high damage output and destructive area of effect. Repair modules to bring you back from the brink of death. However, be careful not to let your enemies grab them before you and turn them against you!

Space is a dangerous place, bring your friends, and prepare to defend your ground against the Hivemind Invasion.


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  • Press the start button to play This will start the game in your browser. An access code for your smartphone will be displayed on the screen.
  • Connect smartphones Open on your smartphone and enter the code. You can connect as many smartphones as you want.
  • About AirConsole AirConsole is an online video game console.
    Your smartphone are the gamepads.
    Your browser is the console.
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