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Published by stillalive studios GmbH in category Cooperative Games

An epic interstellar journey for real friends. 

Can you and your friends survive the dangers of deep space? FriendShip is about a journey of friends attempting to make it back home to earth. The players (1-4 players) of Friend Ship must use their ship’s technology to maneuver against attacks and fast-moving asteroids. The players must use the map and decide on the best route to fly back home. However, there is a catch. Each player must control different stations in the ship to protect the ship and keep the ship away from enemy ships and asteroids.

Players have a few control options to defend their ship and attack their enemies.

Laser Cannon: With laser cannons, players kill their enemies. Players hop behind their laser guns and use the aim to destroy enemy ships that are attacking your ship.

Engines: Engines move the ship to help dodge attacks.

Drone: Players use drones to heal and boost different stations.

Special Weapons: Players use this control to deploy explosive energy ball. Special Weapons can attack can be used to destroy passing asteroids that pass by and destroy the ship.

Shields: The shield is a defense mechanism. Players need to move it left and right to defend against passing enemy ships and asteroids. The shield is not very large, and players must maneuver it quickly.

The players in the space must travel through different regions by following a map that helps the players fly back home. On the bottom of the map, players can keep track how far of a distance they are from returning to planet earth. The map provides different route options to the players. However, the route features different areas in space to journey back home. When the game begins, players can only see sections of the map and the difficulty levels of the area. For example, players can get to planet earth faster by skipping Asteroids and traveling through Cursa, however, Cursa has a difficulty level of 5 and Asteroids have a difficulty level of 1. Players are likely to risk greater danger by jumping from level 0 to level 5 so quickly. As players progress through space, more of the map is revealed to them.

How to play

Players must come up with a plan that allows them to defend the ship, heal the ship and dodge their enemies. Players can switch from station to station; however, you lose time you move around the ship. To be successful, players must work together working one station at a time to protect both the ship and launch an offensive against enemy attacks and dodged incoming asteroids that threaten to destroy the ship. If the ship is too severely damaged, the game will end. Fear not, however, the game saves the last space areas that the players have successfully completed. Therefore, players do not need to start over. As long as they remain in the same game, players can continue to go back and try to defeat the game.


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