Masquerade Murders

Masquerade Murders on AirConsole

3 - 8
Published by Duckadence in category Card Games

There is a murder among you!

Masquerade Murders is a single round hidden-identity party game in which you and your friends will use cunning and deceit to either to reveal the assassins among you, or to get away with murder. His Grace, the Duke of Venice, is hosting a masquerade ball and though it promises to be full of merriment, there are rumors of assassins planning to murder him.

You start the evening with being assigned an identity. In a predefined sequence, you may be called upon to perform certain actions based on your identity. Unbeknownst to you, your identity may have been changed over the course of the evening. You then proceed to discuss the night’s events amongst yourselves.

Here you face a choice: If you think you are innocent, tell the truth. But if you think you are an assassin, you will need to feed false information to throw others off your scent. Votes must then be cast – which will either prevent the duke’s death – or ensure it. Only then the truth will be revealed and the lies laid bare.


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