SpaceBot Knights

SpaceBot Knights on AirConsole

2 - 6
Published by HalfCloud Interactive in category Battle Games

SpaceBot Knights is a beautiful space game that combines some really awesome aspects: Space, robots, and swords. The objective of this game is simple: Slash your opponents out of the picture with your sword, the first to reach the end score wins the game. You thrust your way through space until you run out of fuel. Then, well, you either float away into nothing or you dock to a refueling station to fill up.

SpaceBot Knights has three different game modes that give some variety to the gameplay. You can choose between “standard” mode, “sumo” mode and “sudden death” mode. They all have the same objective, but slightly different rules. 

Lean back and enjoy the beautiful visuals and sound effects of this game. Gather your troops, sharpen your sword and get ready for some intense space action.


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