Robot Rumble

Robot Rumble on AirConsole

1 - 8
Published by Chris Bruce, Eliot Chang, Mitesh Patel, and Keshav Shivam in category Battle Games

Play together with your friends in this local multiplayer robot battle game. Robot Rumble is all about crushing the other robots or pushing them off the edge. Play with up to 8 friends or alone against the fearless CPU robots. The one that destroys the most opponents wins the game.

Go head to head against your opponents with your robot truck and battle for the win. There are several useful powerups in this game, but you have to be quick to get one as it is first-come-first-serve.

The power-ups:

  • Invisibility - Your robot vehicle goes invisible and automatically attacks the others during the time your are invisible.

  • Double Up - Your vehicle becomes twice the original size and gets more power in the attacks.

  • Bomb - Aim for your opponents and destroy them all.

Play Robot Rumble together with your friends on AirConsole.


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