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Recurvesive is a local multiplayer game on AirConsole. The game is all about not making the ends meet. The players simply need to avoid running into one of the other player's lines or your own, for that sake. The lines from previous matches will stay in the game until the game is over. The player that gets the most points, wins the game.

How to Play

This game is very easy and perfect for an introduction to how AirConsole works. You will be presented with a large screen on your gamepad where you will have two options:

Hold - This makes your line go right.

Release - This will make you go left.

The objective is not to hit the others and try to sabotage their path towards victory. The lines you create in the earlier matches affects the rest of the game and can knock you out as much as the fresh ones. Recurvesive gets more frantic the more players you are, as it is unlimited how many players you can be.

Games on AirConsole

There are plenty of fun and engaging local multiplayer games on AirConsole. Play with your friends at your next party or in your office with your coworkers. On AirConsole you will find fun for all ages and for every occasion.


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  • Press the start button to play This will start the game in your browser. An access code for your smartphone will be displayed on the screen.
  • Connect smartphones Open on your smartphone and enter the code. You can connect as many smartphones as you want.
  • About AirConsole AirConsole is an online video game console.
    Your smartphone are the gamepads.
    Your browser is the console.
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