Mucho Muscle

Mucho Muscle on AirConsole

1 - 4
Published by DNA Studios in category Battle Games

Grab, hang, swing and grapple your way to victory in this ultimate contest of strength, technique and… uh… beefiness. Choose your athlete from among a delightful lineup of miraculously muscled lads and ladies and play with up to three friends.

Mucho Muscle is a hilariously goofy climbing game that you can play as a solo player, as a cooperative adventure, against each other and in team versus team mode. Win the show on your own or work together with a friend to outmatch the opposition – or crack the highscores! 

Mucho Muscle combines a gloriously colorful eighties’ aesthetic with the competitive air of ninja warrior contests, offering a wonderfully whacky way to challenge, entertain and delight you and your friends or family. 

A game that is just as much fun to watch as it is to play yourself, Mucho Muscle offers hours and hours of fun thanks to a variety of climbing courses around the world, a tricky challenge mode to unlock new courses and characters, and the exciting weekly highscore races.

Travel around the world and dangle along the levels to prove who’s the meatiest muchacho of them all.     



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