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Let's Battle Some Snakes!

For decades, gamers have enjoyed playing the classic arcade game Snake. As one of the most famous and well-liked arcade games, it brings together a great balance of skill and concentration. The game has gained popularity thanks to its presence on various modern devices.

AirConsole has taken on this classic game to create Battle Snakes! It incorporates aspects of the older version of the game, such as the lengthening of the snake, the trailing tail, and collecting small objects. The difference is, however, that AirConsole offers you the ability to play with others or by yourself. This brings a level of involvement you haven’t seen before, as players try to avoid everyone else on the screen.

How is Battle Snakes Played?

To start, gamers connect to the game on AirConsole using their smartphone as a gamepad. Once you get the system set up, you will notice the 8-bit style screen, which brings a fantastic level of nostalgia to the game. Players then have the option of playing the Snake or Tron versions of the game.

If the Snake option is selected, then players must swipe their gamepad to move their snake around the screen, collecting the green dots as they go. The dots pop up on the screen at random times. The more dots you collect, the longer the snake gets in length. If you hit a wall, however, then your snake turns white and freezes. You will then have to wait until the other players end their own games. The last player moving their snake around the screen is declared the winner.

The Tron version of the game is brilliant, as it gives a completely different experience. Instead of collecting green dots, the player’s snake is continuously lengthening from the point it started, and they must lead the snake around the screen. This would be simple if there were no other snakes doing the same, or blocks and walls to avoid! Once a player hits a block or wall, their game is finished. They then need to wait until their opponents have finished their own games. The last snake working its way into every available free space is deemed the winner!

The charming end to both versions of Battle Snakes is the results board. This shows which player has been victorious. As soon as the winner has basked in their glory, the game is ready to go again!

Who Would Enjoy Battle Snakes?

Everyone can play Battle Snakes, and that is truly its greatest quality. There is nothing stopping anyone playing this game because it can accommodate people of every age and skill level. If you can use a smartphone, you can play Battle Snakes!

Gamers can pick up their gamepad and play Battle Snakes at any time for a quick game, no matter where they are, as long as they have internet access. They can challenge friends to see how long they can play and who will be the last man standing. With no age restriction, this is a great game for children, adults, families, and anyone with a love of classic arcade games. Battle Snakes has the ability to bring anyone together to battle their snakes!

Why is Battle Snakes So Popular?

Players are quickly immersed into the game, concentrating exceptionally hard on what their own snake is doing. This single player within a multiplayer game style gives every player the chance to shine. Players want to see how their snake will do in the next round, and whether or not they will be victorious. The great grab of Battle Snakes is that even if a player wins once, they will want to play again to see whether or not they are in fact a natural. AirConsole knows that a little friendly competition between friends makes any game great.  

Battle Snakes brings about some really great graphics within a classic game style. Its nod to the original game is apparent while still showcasing new designs and challenges. The format for Battle Snakes has been around for a long time and won’t soon go out of style. The game was such a novel source of entertainment when it first arrived, and Battle Snakes has continued to accommodate the love gamers have for it. AirConsole’s extremely popular format makes it easy to pick up and play Battle Snakes as much as you want. Gamers will like that it has a familiar feel, and yet brings a whole new experience to the game.

Let’s Play Battle Snakes!

AirConsole is proud to offer Battle Snakes to avid gamers and casual players alike. You will find it hard to walk away until you have been victorious at least one, whether you are playing on your own or you want to involve as many friends as possible.

So get online with AirConsole and play Battle Snakes today! See who will be the last snake roaming the screen.


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  • Press the start button to play This will start the game in your browser. An access code for your smartphone will be displayed on the screen.
  • Connect smartphones Open on your smartphone and enter the code. You can connect as many smartphones as you want.
  • About AirConsole AirConsole is an online video game console.
    Your smartphone are the gamepads.
    Your browser is the console.
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