Arena Gladiator

Arena Gladiator on AirConsole

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Published by Beets Team in category Battle Games.

Arena Gladiator is a shooting game where two players kill each other with different types of weapons until the moment of combat is over. Players should look for weapons and shields that appear randomly in some points of the arena, weapons have different types of damage and different firing speeds, as for shields, they boil down to shields that protect from some bullets and the hearts that recover a part of their lost life. The aim of the guns automatically points to the position of the opposite player, that is, when taking the weapon just shoot and make sure there is nothing between the players preventing the passage of bullets reach the opposite player, already to you get rid of the bullets you can be in strategic places, jump or get a protective shield.

It is also important to remember to be careful when shoot and the bullet hits something close, because the damage of the bullet can hit you, especially in the case of rocket launcher. Each time one player kills the other he will earn one point, and at the end of the 3 minutes of combat, the player who scores the most points wins the game. This is a simple game not only of shooting but also of strategy, it is also an easy game to addict, after all who does not want to be the best gladiator in the arena?


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