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Save The Universe with AirShields

Do you have time to spare? Are you looking for a quick and easy online multi-player game to play with friends or co-workers?  Then check out AirShields, a straightforward, simple modern game for casual gamers.

How To Play

AirShields is a brand new online game from AirConsole that requires absolute precision and timing. Rather than engaging in player-to-player (P2P) combat, this is a team-oriented game you can play right on your computer. Your air fleet's mission is to create a strong, impenetrable circular shield that provides adequate protection from what is known as the unstable core. The problem is that the shield still has gaps in the circle making it a potential hazard for the universe.

Together, with the other members of your air fleet, your job is to launch airshield segments into the gaps of the shield to close up the circle and seal the core. Whenever a teammate lands an airshield in the shield's gap, the segment is formed reducing the number of gaps. This continues until the circle is complete. Congratulations, you and AirConsole saved the universe!

It's Harder Than You Think

But wait, there's a catch: First, the shield rotates at random, making it more complicated to land the airshields in the gaps. Second, if the player accidentally strikes an existing shield segment, all progress disappears, and the entire fleet has to start all over again on the current level. Therefore, the goal is to complete the shield without hitting any of the existing segments. Upon completion, the team is instantly transported to the next level.

The good news is that, at least during the first few levels, the core heats up and creates a red glow. This is a quick warning that the shield is about to rotate. You need to launch an airshield well in advance of the glow or wait until after the shield rotation has ended. This will allow you to have greater accuracy in your launch and increase your chances for a direct hit.

Leveling Up

As you might expect with any AirConsole game, each new level becomes increasingly difficult. For instance, the shield spins faster. The shield gaps become narrower than before. There are also new, unexpected secret challenges that await your team. Things can get chaotic pretty fast. With a bit of strategy and coordinated patterns, however, it is possible for your team to advance to each new level regardless of the degree of difficulty.

More Challenges, More Fun

Why is AirShields so much fun? Because you never know what is coming next. No two levels are the same. This keeps you and your teammates on your toes as you try to fill in the next shield. Just about the time you think you have the game conquered, a new obstacle gets in your way.

AirShields is specifically designed to keep you and your team engaged and have you sitting on the edge of your seat. No matter how many times you fail at a level, you and your crew will be begging for just one more attempt. The question in everybody's mind is to see just how far you can go.

AirShields Is a Team Game

Although you can play AirShields by yourself, nobody wants to tackle the unstable red core alone. So why not recruit some teammates and build your air fleet? A team can complete the shield in half the time and level up more efficiently. Be careful, however, because doing so requires all the players working together to get the job done. If anyone goes rogue, they could mess it up for everyone else - and then back to the beginning you go. Think about team strategy and coordinated patterns. The more you work together, the more prepared you'll be for whatever comes next.

It's About Timing

The secret to the success of AirConsole’s AirShields is to work on your timing and your precision. When you launch an airshield toward a gap, it does not drop straight beneath your ship. Rather, it lands slightly to the left. In order to compensate, simply shoot ahead of your desired target. At first, this takes some getting used to. With a little practice, however, you'll get it down in no time. Pretty soon you'll be on your way to becoming an expert... until the next level.

For The Casual Gamer

If you're not into over-the-top graphics, mind-blowing strategies, and body counts, then AirConsole’s online games such as AirShields is for you. It's perfect for the casual gamer who has a little time on their hands and is looking for a new game. Although AirShields does present some hefty challenges at the higher levels, the objective is simple: fill in the shield's gaps. If you do that, you'll keep climbing. AirShields is a simple, no-nonsense, straightforward game that can be enjoyed by several players at once.

Beat The High Score

Since AirShields is a relatively new game, there's still plenty of time to beat the high score and display your name or your team's name at the top. High scores are updated throughout the day. So if you beat the high score, you can expect to instantly see you team at the top position. Whatever you do, don't give up. Keep playing until you reach your goal. AirConsole wishes you luck as you save the universe!





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