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Watch YouTube videos together. Everybody gets to vote what's next.

YouTube JukeBox makes watching YouTube videos easy in a party environment. You know that video you have been DYING to show off to everyone? YouTube Jukebox on AirConsole is the perfect experience for group video sessions since each person with a phone can remotely queue up videos and vote on which video should be played next.

Create the perfect party playlist that everyone will enjoy with YouTube Jukebox. YouTube Jukebox gives the power to every participant in the video experience, allowing each participant to add their video to the cycling playlist.

YouTube JukeBox contains all of the YouTube videos you love. It is even organized with popular hits from the primary interface, or navigation can be achieved by a simple search--which makes picking the best videos accessible.

Let the debate begin

Time to see which of your friends has the best taste in YouTube videos. Help amplify viral content with your first jukebox and keep your friends' eyes glued to the screen. Everyone’s taste in music, videos, and entertainment vary, so the YouTube Jukebox allows everyone to break free with creativity.

After you input your YouTube Jukebox code, you are welcomed to begin adding to your list. Your playlist is empty, and it is simple to add a new video to the jukebox by clicking the add a video button.

From here, top videos will be at your fingertips, allowing you to add them to your jukebox just by tapping the add button. Don’t see anything you like? Type in the name of a video in the search box you want to share and add that to the playlist. Click add all the way down the entire populated list if you are not sure what you want to listen to, allowing the jukebox to introduce you to some exciting new videos. The possibilities really are endless.

This is not the time to hold back the awesome videos you have seen over and over. Pull them up for everyone to see and be the talk of the party. Having YouTube Jukebox at any social event can turn a lame gathering into a buffet of laughs, cringes, dancing and great conversation. When everyone contributes to the playlist, everyone feels like they are a part of the fun.  

Controls at your fingertips

AirConsole’s YouTube JukeBox has several controls to help keep everyone engaged on the video playlist and keep the fun going. Unplug from the standard controls of YouTube and unlock total control over your jukebox.

Your YouTube Jukebox Controls:

Pause button - Need to freeze frame that action? Press the pause button so everyone can see that one perfect or hilarious moment from the video.

Fast forward 10s - Not all videos on YouTube have great content from beginning to end. Sometimes you have to give the video a little boost to get to the good stuff. A 10s press will set you up to maximum video control.

Only allow music videos - Depending on the type of gathering, you might want to only show music videos this time. Click this button to only allow the music videos in your YouTube Jukebox to play. Turn on this option and let the music take control.

Want to allow all the content to cycle through YouTube Jukebox? Just click the allow all videos again button, and you’re good to go. Adding videos and having control is fun, but sometimes you just want to have music playing in the background.  

Allow already played videos again - You loved the videos so much the first time that you have to see them twice. Click this button on your menu to allow your jukebox to recycle the content through again. A perfect option to never stop the flow of videos. Finding that great mix of videos is perfect when you simply don’t want to add anything else.

Clear playlist - When everyone has access to the jukebox, playlists can get cluttered up. YouTube Jukebox allows you to clear it out and start fresh! You get another shot at building an outstanding playlist. Be careful and only hit this button when you want to clear your playlist immediately. You might incite a riot!

Close - Have to get back to adding more videos to your playlist somehow, right? Click close, and it will take you back to where you can add more videos. This allows you seamless transition between the controls and adding videos.

There is more to a playlist than just adding videos. All these options together give you great control over YouTube Jukebox.

Over to you

Not everyone loves what the DJ is playing at a party. YouTube JukeBox gives everyone the chance to chime in to see and hear the great content they love. Add some variety and share great content for all to enjoy. Since everyone has a chance to contribute to the playlist, everyone will stay engaged.

Your television and the computer just got instant upgrades, turning them into your center for YouTube video jukebox compilations. Connect your smartphone to AirConsole’s YouTube JukeBox and keep your own smartphone in your protective care.

Become the envy of your friends by introducing them to a new way to create YouTube playlists and share videos. Bring your video “A” game and start adding to your YouTube jukebox now!


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