How can I play local multiplayer games on AirConsole?

AirConsole allows you to play local multiplayer / party games alongside your friends. To do so first navigate to on your big screen (PC, Mac, SmartTV or tablet). Click on the power button to access full-screen mode. An access code will appear on-screen. Each friend must then perform the following steps to join the same game session:
  1. Navigate to on their smartphone
  2. Scroll down the website and select whether you wish to download the official AirConsole app, or click 'No Thanks' to enter the access code displayed on your big screen
  3. After "Player 1" connects, the access code displayed on the big screen will be repositioned to the top-right corner, and the website will automatically redirect to the AirConsole game select screen 
  4. Remaining players can then join the same session by adding the access code on their smartphones