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Look no further for the best selection of party games! Whether you are looking for party games for adults, bachelorette party games, or even games for the children or family - we have fun party games for you. Take your party to the next level with AirConsole YouTube Jukebox App. This super fun app lets you play all of your favorite music and music videos at any party or event. It’s super easy to use! All you need is a screen such as your TV screen or your laptop screen, an internet connection, and your smartphone. With our free app, you can skip the DJ and skip renting out expensive music equipment. Transform your get together to a happening party with just a swipe of your phone! Best of all? It’s free. Our collection of games for parties simply can't be beat.

AirConsole YouTube Jukebox app is revolutionizing the way you and your guests interact and use music at your parties. It allows the option to turn your guests into DJs by logging into the AirConsole Jukebox website through their smartphone. With their phones, your guest can create their own playlist to share their favorite music with other guests.

Games for parties should be able to be enjoyed by everyone. The most fun party games are the ones where everyone gets involved. Don’t want to hear the next song in the playlist? You don’t have too! Thanks to the YouTube Jukebox app, you and your guests can vote on any song before it’s played. You or your guest can even add new songs to the playlist with just a button click on their smartphone. The way AirConsole YouTube jukebox app combines the ability of every person in the party to queue their favorite music and vote on the music pushes all forms of partying to new fun heights. AirConsole YouTube Jukebox allows you to listen to and enjoy every moment of any and all videos that you can find on YouTube and share it with your friends, family, or even total strangers in a party or event.

Sometimes your party may get a little larger than expected. Good news! Many of our party games support numerous players. Is there a limit to how many people can connect to the AirConsole YouTube Jukebox app? No, not at all! AirConsole YouTube Jukebox app has virtually no limit to the number of people connected to the app at any given point in time. It doesn’t matter the amount of people that will be attending or how large of an event you are planning to host, our jukebox app can handle any of your music demands.

What activity always comes up on a list of fun party games? Did I hear somebody say karaoke? Yes, that’s right! AirConsole has got this one covered! Using AirConsole Karaoke app can easily and quickly turn your smart television or laptop into a free karaoke party making machine, just by going to the AirConsole Karaoke site. If you are trying to think of the best party games for adults, particularly bachelorette party games, the AirConsole Karaoke app should definitely be on your list!

AirConsole Karaoke is totally 100% free and requires no expensive or extra equipment to get the party started. All you need is an internet connection, television, or laptop to use as a display screen and a smartphone as a controller and microphone. AirConsole Karaoke has a simple touch and go system design that is easy to use. As long as there is a smartphone around; you can use the phone as your own personal controller after you enter the verification code. The code will be displayed on whatever screen used for your event or party. Karaoke is now at your fingertips without the expensive costs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an adult party or a children’s party, it’s super easy to join the playlist on the YouTube Jukebox app and have everyone at your party singing to their favorite songs. Just search through our extensive list of songs that AirConsole has to offer and play right from your phone. Finding music is now easier than ever because AirConsole keeps the music list organized and straightforward. You don’t have to search through thousands of songs ever again. AirConsole Karaoke will prompt you when it’s your song, and you can sing from the comfort of where ever you want to be or are currently located using your smartphone as your microphone. Party games should be fun - not work!

The problem with many games for parties is that everyone has played them all before. Never worry about that again with AirConsole! How many songs does AirConsole Karaoke currently have in its library? AirConsole Karaoke music library is an ever-expanding pool of music. The library contains over 7500 songs to choose and play and covers all genres. Plus, AirConsole is updated weekly to bring you the latest in music trends to maximize the fun in your party. With our app, the fun never ends.

AirConsole karaoke has a vocal assistance system that helps your guests with cold feet. The songs begin with the original artist’s voice until your guests are ready to sing on their own. AirConsole Karaoke even has a video record option to save the memories and share them with friends and family. You can even share these memories online. The AirConsole Karaoke app has a feature that emails you the video as soon as the song is finished, so you don’t even have to miss a beat. Who says all bachelorette party games are meant to be forgotten?

Both of these great products, AirConsole YouTube Jukebox and AirConsole Karaoke, are specially designed to elevate and enhance any and all forms of parties like karaoke night, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, and children’s sleepovers or just a day with friends. It is a great idea to use any one of these apps in any type of event no matter if it’s big or small, allowing all participants to take control of the music. You cannot go wrong no matter what kind of event you are hosting because AirConsole has everything you need to keep the party going.

Your party or event is all set with our easy to use free apps. Find the best selection of party games for adults, children, families, colleagues, or anyone looking to have a great time. It is perfect for entertaining guests, fostering new memories and enjoying each other’s company. Try AirConsole Youtube Jukebox for your next event and transform the way you bring music to your parties.



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