Happy Holidays from the AirConsole Team 🎅

The AirConsole Team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2017 be another great year 🎉

The joyous holiday season is upon us and we couldn’t be happier to finish this excellent second year of AirConsole. Throughout the last few weeks, we have launched several big new games to our platform, introduced AirConsole Hero and closed the first game developer competition of the Winter season. We can safely say it’s been a busy year - not to mention a fun one!

One year ago at this very time, we were very proud of our first 20 games in the store. By now, we’ve more than doubled that offer: 45 games are now available for everyone, all with their own distinctive game mechanics, unique individual art styles, and made in various different countries. Our most recent launches are IRIS, MotoFlip, Basher Beatdown, FriendShip and Tied Together, to just name a few. While the new games are climbing steadily, our most popular games continue to be The Neighborhood and Racing Wars, with the freshly updated Silly World Series right behind. The ever popular Castle Hustle also delivered a complete graphical overhaul and many new features in their recent Winter Update.

The end of this year also saw the launch of AirConsole Hero - our brand new premium subscription for an ad-free and content-enhanced AirConsole. We were thrilled to see how many people returned to claim their free month of AirConsole Hero this December.

We are working hard to make AirConsole Hero as attractive as possible for everyone, offering bonus content in our games and giving Heroes access to brand new games before everyone else.

Last week we closed the AirConsole Student Competition 2016 and we got some great submissions from 9 different schools and universities. Check out the results here, and stay tuned for more awesome independently made AirConsole games once the main Game Dev Contest draws to a close.

We have great hopes and dreams for 2017. New year - new possibilities, as they say. We will continue striving towards our goal to become Nr 1 platform for local multiplayer games. This includes continuing to deliver top-notch games and always working towards making the AirConsole experience better for YOU.

We love feedback - positive and negative - this is the only way we can get better. So if you have something to say, send us an email to hello@airconsole.com

From the entire AirConsole Team we wish you a Merry Christmas and that it may be filled with laughter and good times.

Cheers to 2017!