Be silly, she can't see you!

Hide and Sneak is the fifth mini-game on Silly World Series.

It’s time to get sneaky with our mini game collection Silly World Series!

Walking in the blistering heat of the Skeltara Desert, our silly friends would love to hitch a ride with the grumpy tortoise Agnes. Unfortunately, Agnes isn’t that keen on offering free transportation, so you will have to sneak up on her. Good thing you brought a spiky disguise! 

The goal of Hide and Sneak is to be the first one to reach the tortoise. The faster you tap, the faster you go - we recommend using two fingers. But careful! If Agnes sees you moving, she’ll scream at you and knock you off your feet. You’ll need a moment to recover, thereby losing precious time.

If you pay close attention to the tortoise’s movements, you can stop tapping soon enough to slow down and stand really still, so she will take you for a cactus or other desert shrub - good old Agnes’ eyes aren’t as keen as they used to be.

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