AirConsole + CashYou

AirConsole - Your cloud gaming console

With AirConsole Hero you get unlimited access to all the games, you can play with unlimited party members and without ad breaks!

To get access to the offer, follow this instruction:

  1. Download the AirConsole App from ​Apple’s App Store​ or ​Google Play​.
  2. Launch the app and tap ‘I got the Connect Code’. Insert the following code on the  numpad in the app: “​666 365
  3. Get the offer for CHF 29.00. The “subscription” is registered in your App Store or Google Play account. The full AirConsole experience will be unlocked for one year. There will be no automatic renewal.
  4. Open ​​ on your desktop browser, connect your smartphone as the gamepad by following the simple instructions and start playing instantly.


Note: If you are already subscribed to AirConsole Hero, you will have to end the monthly subscription first and wait until it runs out until you can redeem this offer.

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